The super-producer Timbaland details what Missy Elliott taught him, the secret to his success with Justin Timberlake, his beat battle with Swizz Beatz at Summer Jam.

Here’s an excerpt from Revolt:

What sparked his beef with Scott Storch

Throughout the course of his career, Timbaland has found himself at odds with a number of producers, among the more notorious spats being his war of words with contemporary and former collaborator¬†Scott Storch. Infamously referring to Storch as “just a piano man,” Timbaland attributes the beef to miscommunication, admitting that his own insecurity at the time played a part in their beef. “I think it was the entourage telling [me], ‘Oh, I heard’ and I’m already probably like, ‘Why everybody going to Scott Storch [for beats]?,’ you know what I’m saying? That’s a part of jealousy.” Timbaland adds that Storch’s meteoric rise even affected his own clientele, with artists actively seeking out Storch’s production talents in favor of his own. “It’s always a moment when you’re not on fire as you do it, and I can tell you a prime example, because when Scott was on fire, it was artists in my session and when Scott pulled up, they left to go to his session.” However, Timbaland, who says he and Storch have patched up their differences and moved forward, took the situation as a learning experience and one to grow on. “You have to realize that, that’s just humans,” Timbaland tells Noreaga and DJ EFN. “We’re gonna always flock to what others say is great and kinda throw us off balance. And what I’ve learned is you gotta stay true to who you are. Don’t let that throw you off your game because there’s always gonna be the next man on the block, the next person on the block. You can’t run things and be the guy that everyone goes to; there’s always a new sound. And what happens is when everybody go to you, you thinking you the only one and that’s what got in my head.”

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