After scoring couple clutch credits on Kendrick Lamar’s Damn., Teddy Walton spoke with Complex about his recent production credits on Bryson Tiller’s True 2 Self.

How did you first connect with Tiller?
It was while he was working on Trapsoul. I was cool with a lot of the producers who were working on it. I got invited to the house in L.A. where they were working and I actually didn’t talk to Bryson in person while I was there, but I was around and he definitely knew of my sound. I didn’t place anything on Trapsoul and the crazy thing about it is, I kinda didn’t want to play him beats because I think that he was in a certain process and I didn’t really push for Trapsoul; I thought, Man, I’m definitely gonna get on this next project, 100 percent.

How did you reconnect to work on True to Self?
I went back to Memphis to visit my mom and my family and I had noticed that he followed me on Twitter and I DM’d and said, Yo where do I send heat? And out of nowhere he sent the email. For about a whole month I was sending him regular beats from here and there and I know I sent him the “Rain on Me” beat and the “Set It Off” beat.

Read more at Complex on his work on Tiller’s album.

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