Amidst Drake’s controversy in 2015, many forgot how great his album/mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” really was. While we know some of the regular producers Drake works with, such as 40 and Boi-1da, one of Boi-1da’s proteges “Syk Sense” broke through which several bangers he co-produced or contributed to on the project.

Syk spoke to DJ Booth for their Beat Break series on the creation of Drake’s “Know Yourself” and much more:

“I was in the studio and as soon as I heard [the sample], instantly I just had to kill it. With ‘Draft Day’ I was a little hesitant. But this one inspired me in such a way that there was people around [the studio], but I couldn’t even hear them. I was just focused on what I wanted out of that beat. It was a weird time signature at first—I took it from 4/5 to 4/4 or something like that. Once I got my chop, I put the bassline on top of that and the drums came later. I made this back in Atlanta, one of the homies was coming in the house where I was doing it, he didn’t say nothing, but I could see it on his face that it was some crazy shit.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it at that point. I don’t even think it was done. So I sent it to 1da and I labeled it ‘Views 2,’ because I felt like it could have been some Drake shit. I was like, ‘fuck, let me take a shot.’ So I send it and nothing happened initially, but 1da hit me back like, ‘yo, Drake got on another one of your beats.’ At this point, we were still buzzing off of ‘6 God.’ ‘6 God’ essentially inspired ‘Know Yourself,’ because I was so hype off of that record and getting that with him. I was like, ‘I need more.’ 1da, Vinylz and Allen [Ritter] did the first part. [1da] sent me the record back with Drake on it on the second part. I didn’t even hear the first part until it came out, but I heard what Drake did and I was like, ‘this shit’s crazy!’ Essentially the second part is nothing without that beginning, the build up to me.”

“That feeling is indescribable. Just how big [the song] is, but at the same time, I’m just little old me who just did this little beat. When I see how these crowds move, it’s just confirmation for me like, ‘fuck man, that’s amazing!’ I just like to sit back and look at it. I haven’t even been to a show to see it yet. I would probably start crying. I’ve seen ‘Draft Day’ live. I remember when [Drake] came to Atlanta, 1da got me and Ducko some tickets. That feeling of him opening with that shit on that Lil Wayne and Drake tour, it tripped me out.”

We gotta get him to speak on his and Boi-1da’s banger.

Read the rest of the article at DJ Booth.

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