In an interview with Complex, 808 Mafia’s Southside goes explains his production contributions to Future + Young Thug mixtape “Super Slimey“.

Here’s an excerpt:

Future and Thug are known for their quick work ethic. What was it like watching them work together on Super Slimey?
I’ve been seeing that since I made “Danny Glover” for Thug, the track that popped Thug’s career off. So I have been seeing both of these boys work for the last six or seven years, so it’s nothing new to me, it’s just getting better now.

As you said you’ve been working with Thug and Future for years. Did you approach these sessions differently or was this business as usual?
Nah, it’s not even business because we are a family, man. Freeband Gang, we a family. YSL, we a family. 808 Mafia, we a family. We all on the same page; that’s like me going to meet my brother and sister in the studio, you get what I’m saying? It’s like me going to meet one of my siblings in the studio. We are really family. I don’t look at it as work, I just go to have a good time, have a good vibe, and hopefully make good music.

When would you say they officially started working on the project?
It has no official timetable because we don’t work like that. Like we don’t do any of Future music like that, no official start date, we just go to the studio and have fun, and after we have made six or 700 songs we will pick the album. Literally. People think we have this process and we don’t do all of that.

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