Last week, we did an article based on TM88’s claim from earlier this month of not being credited on Big Sean’s gold single “Bounce Back”, off of I Decided. Since he already said he wasn’t planning to do any interviews, I looked up the origin of the beat when and found the beat was originally credited to him and a Florida-based producer named Smash David on a Juicy J song called “Act” on his mixtape last summer. After noting this along with the other placements TM had also on that project, I made a reasonable assumption that TM88  may have been miscredited on Big Sean’s single.

For those who been sleeping, check a couple bangers Smash did: Zoey Dollaz “Blow a Check”, Ace Hood “4th Quarter, Tinashe “Dream Are Real.”

However, Smash reached out to us via email to clear up the stories he seen on blogs about the creation of the beat:

“I produced the beat to Juicy J’s Act. I originally sent the stems to TM88 to collaborate but he didn’t add anything to it. He only mixed it and got it placed on Juicy’s project.

Later, when I placed the beat with Big Sean’s project, Metro (Boomin), and Berg (HitMaka aka Yung Berg) added additional production and Amaire (Johnson) played the outro keys.”

Smash also sent us an Instagram video he put up, dated January 22, 2016 (approximately 7 months before the release of Juicy’s tape, add the link), showing a FL Studio project file open with the beat in its creation as further evidence:

@future 🌊🌊

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As I said to Smash before during our conversation, it’s never a good look to have your name as a producer in the blogs seemingly accused of miscrediting or worst “beat theft” (as we saw recently/attach boi-1da article); especially as his career just starting to hit stride. So we definitely appreciate him reaching out to tell his side and clear up the controversy.

Hopefully in the future TM88 can respond to this later.


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