Young M.A had a breakthrough rookie season in 2016 coming through with her smash single “OOOUUU”. Now with the recent release of her new EP, Herstory, she looks to follow that up with another banger for her growing fan base with this year’s “Hot Sauce”.

Meet the producer behind the buzzing record:

Show Tyme On The Beat  

Where you from and what was it like growing up there?

I was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. It has its ups and downs as with any city, it helps makes you who you are.

How did you start getting to music production?

I started making beats around 10 years old.  Me and my boys used to rap for fun and couldn’t find beats to rap over. I had a keyboard in my room so I figured to try to do it myself.

When you first started at it, did you have any experience playing keys and how long did it take for you to get comfortable with playing?

I never had experience playing keys. I would play with the keyboard and try to play by ear and try to figure it out on my own. It took couple years to figure it out and get it down pact.

What keyboard you was using to make beats and when did you make the transition from using a keyboard to software?

I don’t remember what kind of keyboard I was using then but I started using FL Studio in high school after a friend gave me a free version of it in 2010.

What you start making a beat, what is your creative process in terms of developing a beat? 

It depends, every time I go in [the studio] it depends on the vibe, a song I heard from an artist I’m working with, it’ll depend on the current mood I’m in is what will go into the music.

How did you go about getting your first placements and start in the music industry?

What I would do is, since I didn’t have real help, didn’t know anybody, I would actually try to reach out to everybody through email, Facebook, basically messaging everybody and from there I started making a lot of connects and relationship.

How did the Young M.A. placement come about?

The story behind that beat was, I had made the beat a year before that in 2015. I sent that beat to her in March 2016, and that was before she became what she is now. I was in my studio, and someone on Facebook and Instagram tagged me in a post, saying an artist looking for beats (Young MA). She hit me back a few days later. I came across her Chi-Raq freestyle video that I was feeling. A few months later she put out “Ooouuu” and started taking off, it was hard to get a hold of her because likely her email was flooded.

Later on in the year, on Christmas Eve, she hit me from a different email. It was kinda random email from an unfamiliar address and I was thinking someone was probably playing with me but once I found it was real, we exchanged numbers and linked from there.

After the release of “Hot Sauce”, what’s been the reception and feedback of the song and how’s it been translating into new business?

A lot of people hit me up after the song came out and every day since both mainstream and independent artists.

So now having a placement with a big artist like Young MA, it helps kinda get the next one going and start the conversation from people checking you out. Because most producer, you can be a dope if they don’t see anything going on they may not fuck with you, so it’s important to keep it going.

Upcoming Projects

Locally,  there’s a lot of artists I’m working with such as EastCoast Cally. As far as artists from Mass, I’d like to work with Millyz, Bia, and Joyner. I like Kam Geez too, he makes some dope music too. My whole thing is anybody who takes its serious, great work ethic and wants to create the best music possible, I’m all for it. I’m in the studio hours upon.

Thank you to everyone who supports me, Young M.A’s “Hot Sauce” record and those who continue to show love it’s definitely appreciated.

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