With Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses making an impact this past week, we introduce you several producers who helped craft the sonics of the project and how it initially conceived.

Papamitrou (@nick_papz)

Dreamchasers’ in-house producer

Credits: Wins & Losses, These Scars (ft. Future & Guordan Banks), Connect the Dots (ft. Yo Gotti & Rick Ross)

Start Making Beats
“I started to make beats after watching my little brother Alex make them. I used to engineer a lot of rappers when I was in high school while my brother made the beats. After watching my brother making beats, I got the same software he had and started. After that, I fell in love, and started to get deep into it.”

Signing With Dreamchasers
“I originally was found through Instagram. I was previously friends with DJ Bran, whose Meek’s DJ, and Cruz whose Meek’s engineer and now my manager. I had some connections, but it wasn’t anything too serious at the time. One day, I woke up and checked my Instagram and saw a DM from Coon Philly, who’s one of Meeks right hand, saying “You got heat”. A week later, I got a call from DJ Bran with Coon on the line, saying how Meek wanted to sign me. Since then, I been rocking with the chasers.”

Conception for Wins and Losses and Creative Direction
“The title “Wins & Losses” came from Meek, pretty much wanting to let the fans know how he feels, breaking it down into songs while, giving them a perspective on his life and what he calls a win and a loss.”

“When making these beats for Meek on “Wins & Losses”, I wanted to make something that was going to bang in the clubs and songs that people will remember forever and will never get old. We only have about 3-4 club bangers on the album, and the rest is the real rap, saying real things that people can really relate to which makes meek a great artist. Meek knows I make hard beats with a lot of energy so I am sure he was counting on me to bring that energy to the album, which I did for sure. The songs I have on the album is the “Wins & Losses” Intro, “Connect The Dots” (ft. Yo Gotti & Rick Ross), and These Scars (ft. Future & Guordan Banks).”

Tarik Azzouz (@RealKillaT)

Producer with StreetRunner/Run The Streets

Credits: Heavy Heart, Made It from Nothing, Price (All Co-Produced with Street Runner)


“I’m a 27-year-old producer from Aulnay Sous Bois, France, in Paris suburbs.”

Start Making Beats

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was 12, but I started making beats when I met my brother Pils in college. He was making beats, I told him I was playing the piano, so we clicked and started making music together. I’ve been making beats ever since.”

Signing with Run The Streets

I met StreetRunner through blazetrak.com. I submitted some shit, he fucked with it heavy, so we started working together. There after, I went to Miami so we could actually work in the studio, and after that we were just working on everything together. That led me to land a lot of placements with him, so it just made sense that I signed with him. It was already like I was signed to Run The Streets in my mind so we just made it official.

Production on Wins & Losses
“[The beat for] ‘Heavy Heart’, came at the very end of the project. In fact, I think the album was done. So around the time they were wrapping the album, StreetRunner is in the studio with Rozay, playing him stuff. Then he plays the “Heavy Heart” beat, and Meek comes at this very moment in the room. So he heard it and was like “this that Meek shit!” and he ended up keeping it for his album.

“The ‘Price’ beat we made a little while ago, I think it was around the end of 2014. Meek actually did that song when we were working on “Dreamchasers 4”, but he wanted to keep it for his album. After that, he asked us to add stuff to it to make the song even bigger than what it was, so we added live choirs in there, did a dope ass outro, very epic shit.

“[The beat for] ‘Made It From Nothing’ is a beat we made by the end of 2016 I think. We were definitely in Meek/Ross mode heavy at this time, working on Ross album “Rather You Than Me” and Meek album too. So we were just going for what we thought would be dope vibes for them, and the song ended up on Meek album, featuring Ross; Teyana Taylor is on there too blessing the hook.

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