Pi’erre gets profiled by The Fader, documenting his upbringing and career start as an artist and transitioning into producing.

Here’s a snippet:

During this time abroad, 6ix9ine, the controversial New York rapper who pled guilty in 2015 to using a child in a sexual performance, released “Gummo.” The song, his breakout, uses one of Pi’erre’s beats. 6ix9ine reportedly received the instrumental without Pi’erre’s knowledge via a previous collaborator, Trippie Redd, and Pi’erre publicly denounced the song from the jump. “There’s just some shit I don’t fuck with,” he says now. “[6ix9ine] know what I’m talking about. All them know what I’m talking about. It was some weird shit, and I don’t have time for that ‘cause I’m big on communication. Everybody wanted me to be happy about that shit and I don’t wanna. I pray a lot. I don’t wanna be unappreciative and ungrateful about what happened after the fact, the success that people call it, but it was some bullshit.” He ended up accepting compensation for the track, but, shaken by the situation and its online backlash, he limited his social media presence and doubled down on his intention to keep only his closest friends around.

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