OG Parker sat down for an interview with HotNewHipHop and discussed his come up with OG Maco, Deko and the Migos with Quality Control.

Meeting Deko

I met Deko through OG Maco. OG Maco had a collective called OGG so we were all in that collective. We both were separate producers for Maco. So Maco would play me a song and he would be like ‘Deko made this beat’, and I would be like ‘Oh wow, that’s hard as fuck.’ Then Maco would play a song for Deko and be like ‘Parker made this beat’, and Deko would be like, ‘Damn that’s fly as fuck.’ So then we hit each other up on social media, and then one day he just came to my parents house and we made some beats and I been with that dude like everyday ever since.

Producing Walk It, Talk It

So me and Deko cooked the beat up and then we just send Quavo beats like periodically because he’s always on the road. Like I don’t really go to the studio too often right now because I’ve been working on so much stuff, so I just send him beats. One time I went to the studio and Quavo was like, ‘I’m bout to make you a millionaire, you’re going to see.’ And then a month later, they were like, ‘Yeah, you got a song with Migos and Drake on Culture II,’ and I was like, ‘Oh Shit.’

Read the entire interview here.

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