Legendary Hip Hop Producer No I.D. stopped by Red Bull to discuss his career working with Kanye West, Jay-Z and Common.

Here’s an excerpt from Billboard

No I.D. was originally Kanye’s manager but couldn’t handle the rapper’s polarizing personality.

“People don’t know this but I was his manager early,” No I.D said. “I took him to meetings at labels and all kinds of stuff. But I wasn’t trying to be a mentor. That wasn’t a concept. I remember a meeting with Columbia Records. He told [then-label chairman] Donnie Ienner “I’m going to be the next Michael Jackson.” And they were like “OK then. Have a good day.” We came in a limo and left in a taxi. I remember I got home and I was playing a video game with Peter King, cause we were co-managing him at the time, and I was like “I don’t think I could manage Kanye. I just don’t think it will work.” I’m a realist. It wasn’t what I could make off him. I just couldn’t handle him. I’d go crazy. I figured I’d just help him and get nothing. And that’s what preserved our relationship over those years. I never really asked for anything. I just helped.”

No I.D.’s relationship with JAY-Z developed slowly over nearly two decades and included palpable ension between the pair.

“As a Chicago person at heart it’s hard for us to become friends with people when I don’t really know them,” No I.D. said. “So I know Jay for many years, but we’re not good friends. Eventually he comes back and we finish the Blueprint 3, I do ‘D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).’ And one day I see him and he walks past me and I don’t really say nothing and he look back at me and says, ‘Man, you ain’t gonna speak?!’ I was like, ‘Man, this your space. I don’t know you like that to just be walking up to you speaking.’ We would talk but he’s an introvert too. It’s all in his raps. He give you fake hugs and fake wassups. He’s not opening up and I’m not opening up.”

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