Over the last several years, the Atlanta-based producer, Nash B has been steadily building his name and catalog alongside another rising R&B star, Jacquees. With fluid-like chords/melodies, Nash B provides a perfect backdrop and working relationship with Quees. We chopped it up with Nash B about his work with Jacquees and his recent contributions to Quees and Dej Loaf’s collaborative mixtape “Fuck A Friendzone”.

How did you meet Jacquees and what’s it been like to build with him?

I met Jacquees while I and a writer/artist by the name of K-Major were working together. I had given K a beat which ended up being used for the Jacquees’ song “Perfect” and Que called me and told me he loved it. Ever since then we’ve been building and going hard, we like brothers now.

What is the relationship/chemistry like working with Jacquees?

It’s easy at this point. For the most part, I know the vibe he’s looking for and if I don’t have it I can always cook it up. I think we’ve both been through similar things in life and I know how to paint them as a producer and he’s great at painting them as an artist.

Any differences working with Jacquees before and after the Cash Money signing?

Not Really. We still create however we want to create. Since he’s been signed I’ve become even more hands on with him, going everywhere and also recording and engineering him as well. Birdman definitely heard our chemistry and wanted to keep it together.

How did the Fuck A Friendzone tape initially come about and what led up to it?

At first, I think Jacquees and Dej (Loaf) were just recording and building. Then they ended up having so many songs, that they decided to just do a project. At first I was just giving them beats, but later on, in the project, I came in and started recording and engineering both of them.

What was the creative process/direction for you making the music for this project? Also factoring in Dej’s involvement.

I really was looking to create music for them that would show off their strong points. As far as creating goes, we would all be in the studio vibing to different music I would play, and when they heard something we would start recording. Working with Dej is phenomenal. She’s very polished and talented as an artist and so is Jacquees, so that made things easier.

Upcoming projects

I got a lot of different things I’m working on right now. Of course, I’m working on Jacquees’ debut album. I’m planning to get in with Dej some more too for her album. I got two of my own projects I’m dropping soon with exclusive records all produced by me, so be on the lookout for the first one called ‘Been A Playa‘.

I’m also working on some stuff with K Camp. Speaking of Camp, be sure to check out the Universal Pictures movie coming out in May called “Lowriders“, we got some music in there and it’s hard. Last but not least, make sure you go get the new Future album called HNDRXX. I produced #14 on there called “Turn On Me”.

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