For producers, who still on the come up or established, heed this fine financial advice from Mike Will gave to Esquire on maintaining success on charts and sound financial choices:

When I had my first song in the top ten, Juicy J told me, “Yo, you want to know how you never go broke?” I was like, “Please.” He said, “When a song is going up, make sure you got another song going up the charts at the same time that song’s about to peak.” And I took that, ran with it, and went and put five jams in the top ten. When one song is going down, you need to have another song going up

I turned down my first couple of six-figure deals because I wasn’t able to give some of my production team money. I was just like, “Man, I’ll just remain broke with my boys until somebody gets the picture. I can’t sign until my whole team can sign.” I don’t want to be the only one with the nice shit. I want everybody in my squad to have the nice shit.

Read the full article on Esquire.

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