With SahBabii’s “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” taking off this year, the Atlanta native isn’t the only one benefiting off the success of the song. Meet the producer of the rising hit song, Lil VoeWe reached out to his management to talk about the creation of the song and placing it with SahBabii.

Where you’re from?

I’m from Anderson, South Carolina.

How did you get your start making beats?

I started making beats back in high school in band class when my friend Dee introduced me to the FL Studio program. We made beats and ended up rapping to them.

What’s the story behind making the beat for Pull Up Wit Ah Stick and how did SahBabii eventually get on it?

I was making beats every day when I made the beat. I had no idea it would do what it did. Everyone knew it was the “Cash Beat”. when I first posted it to YouTube I knew it was something special that ppl would like. It had gotten up to 44,000 plus views so Sah had to be one of them to get it from YouTube.

What or when was the moment you started realizing the song started taking off?

The moment I knew it started taking off was when everybody on Instagram was playing it. When the video hit World Star, big time celebs started playing it on their Instagram and commented on it such as Travis Scott, Reese La Flare, Trouble, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner, Metro Boomin, Southside, Chris Brown and more.

What’s been the response so far from fans, artists (indie and mainstream) looking for beats from you?

Most of the beats I’ve sent to the artist they get used. Everybody likes the 808 I use (It’s a secret) at the time people was hitting me up like “Voe … I need more beats”; people say they I have a different sound going on.

Any upcoming projects/placements and Shout outs you’d like to include

I just got placed with Que not too long ago. I have two beats on his new tape titled “Can You Digg it 2”. He told me I’m going to be big one day. I’ve also produced for big underground artist such as Lucki, SmokePurrp, Warhol.ss. I have other beats that been used just don’t know when they drop. Being a young new producer,  rappers don’t tell you nothing (laughs). Also, The FoOlies project is coming soon with Fooly Killz; I produce everything from that mixtape.

Recently, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, and Fetty Wap hopped on the stick beat, Drake & Young Thug may get on it too. so I’m excited on what’s to come next.

I’d like to shout out my mom she’s my right hand through my music journey; also my guy Dee, the whole Ain’t Shit Gang, and lastly my manager Birdman Zoe for teaching me the business of music.

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