Adding a couple more credits to his already impressive resume, !llmind chopped it up with Complex about his production contributions (Money Problems / Benz Truck, Before You Judge) to Bryson Tiller’s True To Self, which dropped over the weekend.

!llmind on linking with Bryson Tiller:

It happened through me and Boi-1da doing work together. Since 2013, me and Boi-1da have been collaborating on beats. In and around the time Drake was working on More Life, me and 1da were working on tracks and showing them to Drake. The beat to “Benz Truck” was actually intended for Drake. Boi-1da showed it to him, and he liked it but he never used it. More Life dropped and we ended up not getting anything on that album together.

Bryson was working on his album at that same time, so 1da sent that track over to Bryson, he liked it, and recorded over it. At first it was just supposed to be an interlude, and then it ended up being attached to “Money Problems” as a two-part song.

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Also !ll dropped Part 9 of his acclaimed Blap Kits, check a preview below.

Things change from here. #BlapKitVolume9 #May15 #BackToBasics @blapkits

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