With Culture II marinating for about a week, the album’s co-executive producer DJ Durel spoke with Pigeons and Planes about meeting the Migos, the creative process developing songs in 20-45 minutes, recording overseas, and Quavo’s involvement in the production.

“Working with Quavo and making beats with him is amazing,” Durel says. “He’s already a rapper and an artist, so he knows how he wants to come in on the beats. He already knows how he wants the beat to sound. So we both come together, play the keys, and lay it down. It’s amazing because some of the sounds he comes up with are things you’ve never heard before. It’s fresh and unique. We like weird sounds.”

“We like thinking outside of the box. The last album was amazing. But we were just trying to think a little bit outside of the box and grab different genres and different eras [for Culture II].”

“You know, certain people like hearing different sounds,” Durel says. “If they like hearing a certain sound on that song, you never know, that might be their favorite song—just because of that one sound on the beat.”

It’s interesting to hear Quavo being involved with the actual production process of making beats. Initially, when I saw his executive producer credit on the album I assumed Quavo was mainly A&R-ing the project alongside Durel.

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