With Future’s latest album The WIZRD dropping this weekend, Complex reached out to one of the album’s producers, ATL Jacob about contributing to the crafting of the album and joining Freebandz.

Here’s some excerpts:

So what was the path from Casino (Freebandz CEO) to actually meeting Future?
It was quick. It was right before I went to prom. We went to 11th Street Studios. I ain’t know Future was there, I ain’t even know it was Future’s session. I was sitting on the couch, and I was asleep ’cause they was recording some of my beats. Future, he was trying to dap me up, but I was asleep and I had my hoodie on. He tried to dap me up, and then I just woke up with my hand out, trying to dap him up.

You work pretty quickly. What’s the process of making a beat for you? 
Everything original. I don’t like using samples ’cause I don’t like sharing my money. I’m just now getting out the hood, so sharing my money—ain’t that time. I just make the beat myself. I start with the piano.

Do you play any other instruments besides piano?
Alto sax, clarinet, marimba, and xylophone. The whole percussion: bass drum, timpani, quads. What else? Snare drum. Drum set, I’m fire with that. I play trombone a little bit. Trumpet was hard, but I still got it.



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